FILM: Why Not Fly?

Trabajo producido enteramente en Nave María para Profoto Spain:

In my dreams, I can fly.
I rise weightless among people, gaining height, feeling light, until I realize that, I am not flying, I’m floating in the water.

Throughout my life, I have pursued that unattainable dream.
I have jumped from a plane, a bridge or a crane; I have dived in seas and oceans, I have floated in rivers, lakes, pools and bathtubs, trying to replicate that utopian moment.

I have the feeling of carrying many years searching in a single moment the answer to an existential dilemma:
Float, fly, live, dream …
What is the difference?

«Why not fly?» Is a photographic essay about weightlessness.
I wanted to capture that ephemeral moment of absolute happiness that floods us when we do not feel the gravity.

We need to feel the weightlessness to understand the lightness of our being. Because losing the soil is gaining the sky.
Even if it is just for a moment.
Is not there where happiness lies?

UNO Models: Esther Rodríguez & Nicolás Alfonso.
Stylist: Marieta Torres
Assist Stylist: Helena Soufi
Make up and Hair: Maria García
Light+Photo Assistant: Jorge Graf
DIT- Mac Pro Digital Station: Javier T Piera
Behind the Scenes: Nico Paniagua + Magú Pita (Cromatica Tv)
Voice Over: Marcus Kuhne
Film Assistant: Alex Calderón
Writer-Photo-Filmmaker-Editor: Borja Zausen

Thanks to Zaher Soufi (CEO at KBN)
Canon C200 50-85 Canon CNE Lens
Provided By KBN Media

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